Coaching is one of the best ways to improve in your cycling. Should you want to improve to get under the hour for a 25 mile time trial or to take part in a road race or go for winning an Army Championships then coaching could assist you.

Should you wish to try becoming a coach yourself then have a look at the British Cycling website for details of coaching courses. British Cycling run courses throughout the UK and your Standard Learning Credit SLC should cover most of the cost, although you may need to confirm this with the Education Officer first.

Although British Cycling is the national governing body there is also the Association of British Cycling Coaches ABCC which provides not only courses but full coaching and training details on their extensive website.

There are several coaches in the Army Cycling Union which can be contacted through the website. There are however professional coaches which, for a fee will engage you for a period and offer you specific advice. Costs range from £ 25 per month up to about £ 80 for a top coach. However it may be a shrewd investment when you have achieved you personal goal.