The discipline of Mountain Biking can be further subdivided into: Downhill, 4 Cross and Cross Country. Cross Country riders start together (massed start) and compete on a marked lap (typically three to six kilometres) with climbing, descending, single-track and technical sections (tight turns, narrow tracks, rocks, mud or other difficult terrain). Less experienced riders tackle fewer laps. Elite level riders race for up to 2 and a half hours and an even longer “Marathon” category made its debut at the 2003 World Championships, Marathons can be 50km, 100km or even 150km in length. As well the above there has been a huge growth in Enduro racing in recent years at Army and Inter-Service level. Enduros comes in many forms – 100km and 12 and 24 hours (often with two and four man team options) are just some of the popular options. Huge fields make a for a great atmosphere and, whilst the more able riders treat them as seriously as any other race, for many they are a chance to enjoy riding in company or have a weekend away with friends. This camaraderie is a great feature of the ACU and Inter Service events. Mountain biking is our most popular cycling discipline with at least 50 regular competitors including 6 women. It is also our most successful discipline at Inter-Service competition level.

Merida Brass Monkeys winter endurance mountain bike racing series.

Are You Tough Enough? summer endurance mountain bike race with a festival feel.